Congratulations to NeuroPRSMH member Suma Jacob on receiving the Segal Award! The Gloria and Dr. Martin Segal Family Professorship in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences recognizes faculty members for their professional achievements related to understanding and treating mental illness. Suma has been awarded the Endowed Professorship for her work on children's mental health, her community engagement, and her commitment to diversity and equity. Read more about Suma's research efforts on her faculty profile here.

NeuroPRSMH has a new paper in preprint! Take a look at it here before it's even published! Thanks to NeuroPRSMH members Ann Haynos, Alik Widge, Lisa Anderson, and David Redish for a great read entitled "Beyond Description and Deficits: How Computational Psychiatry Can Enhance an Understanding of Decision-Making in Anorexia Nervosa"

Check out our recently published NeuroPRSMH paper on Computational Validity, a new and important means of translating behaviors and experiments across species. Find it here! Cheers to NeuroPRSMH authors David Redish, Lisa Anderson, Olivia Calvin, Nicola Grissom, Ann Haynos, Sarah Heilbronner, Alexander Herman, Suma Jacob, Sisi Ma, Iris Vilares, Sophia Vinogradov, Alik Widge, Jennifer Zick, and Anna Zilverstand. 

NeuroPRSMH faculty are wrapping up year two of a five year Silvio O. Conte Center Grant. Tune into their Youtube video on how they secured the grant and what makes NeuroPRSMH special. 

Catch up on another recent NeuroPRSMH paper! Sex Differences in Learning from Exploration discusses how male and female mice differ in decision making and how this can grant us insights into sex-based vulnerability to different psychiatric disorders. Thanks to Cathy Chen, Evan Keep, Autumn Han, R Becket Ebitz, and Nicola Grissom for this fascinating read!

Hear what the NeuroPRSMH faculty are up to! On the Craniotomy Podcast, Dr. David Darrow and Dr. Alexander Herman interview several NeuroPRSMH faculty members including Dr. Ann Haynos and Dr. Nicola Grissom. 

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“NeuroPRSMH is a great place to get ideas,” said NeuroPRSMH faculty member Alik Widge, PhD, MD. “I know my lab’s general direction regarding modifying networks in the brain, but I don’t always know what the most effective target is. Our NeuroPRSMH discussions give me new and promising ideas about how to approach and refine my work.”