Technology and Mental Health: State of the Art for Assessment and Treatment

1 month 4 weeks ago
Technology is ubiquitous in society and is now being extensively used in mental health applications. Both assessment and treatment strategies are being developed and deployed at a rapid pace. The authors review the current domains of technology utilization, describe standards for quality evaluation, and forecast future developments. This review examines technology-based assessments of cognition, emotion, functional capacity and everyday functioning, virtual reality approaches to assessment and...
Philip D Harvey

Predictive models for social functioning in healthy young adults: A machine learning study integrating neuroanatomical, cognitive, and behavioral data

1 month 4 weeks ago
Poor social functioning is an emerging public health problem associated with physical and mental health consequences. Developing prognostic tools is critical to identify individuals at risk for poor social functioning and guide interventions. We aimed to inform prediction models of social functioning by evaluating models relying on bio-behavioral data using machine learning. With data from the Human Connectome Project Healthy Young Adult sample (age 22-35, N = 1,101), we built Support Vector...
Kathleen Miley

In COVID-19 Health Messaging, Loss Framing Increases Anxiety with Little-to-No Concomitant Benefits: Experimental Evidence from 84 Countries

2 months ago
The COVID-19 pandemic (and its aftermath) highlights a critical need to communicate health information effectively to the global public. Given that subtle differences in information framing can have meaningful effects on behavior, behavioral science research highlights a pressing question: Is it more effective to frame COVID-19 health messages in terms of potential losses (e.g., "If you do not practice these steps, you can endanger yourself and others") or potential gains (e.g., "If you practice...
Charles A Dorison

Psychosis spectrum illnesses as disorders of prefrontal critical period plasticity

2 months ago
Emerging research on neuroplasticity processes in psychosis spectrum illnesses-from the synaptic to the macrocircuit levels-fill key gaps in our models of pathophysiology and open up important treatment considerations. In this selective narrative review, we focus on three themes, emphasizing alterations in spike-timing dependent and Hebbian plasticity that occur during adolescence, the critical period for prefrontal system development: (1) Experience-dependent dysplasticity in psychosis emerges...
Sophia Vinogradov
2 hours 18 minutes ago
(minnesota[Affiliation]) AND Sophia Vinogradov OR A. David Redish OR Cristina Sophia Albott OR C Sophia Albott OR Jazmin Camchong OR Gamze B Camsari OR Matthew V Chafee OR Christine A Conelea OR Kath…: Latest results from PubMed
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